Saturday, July 9, 2011

A whale of a tale.

Nina and I went to Puerto Madryn. It's on the coast about 20 hours south of Buenos Aires. It was a long bus ride. Our goal was to see whales and/or penguins.

It was not penguin season.

It was, however, whale season.

We went to this beach about 20 minutes away from the city where the sea floor dropped off so fast that at high tide you could see whales from the beach. They were right there. It was nuts.

As I enjoyed hearing Nina tell people in Spanish, we estimated that there were probably about a hundred whales in that bay. It was just so many whales. It made us happy.

Then, on the bus ride home, the best thing ever happened. NINA WON BINGO ANDESMAR!!!

Andesmar is the name of the bus company. Nina had previously informed me that they play bingo during their bus rides. When you win, you can't just say "Bingo," you have to say "Bingo Andesmar!" Nina loves Bingo Andesmar. She was very excited. She won a bottle of wine.

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