Thursday, May 26, 2011

As dunas!

Went to the dunes in a dune buggy today!

The whole thing was an excellent example of how the whole assumption that things are probably going to be safe because otherwise people are going to get sued or whatever just completely doesn’t apply here, and people are totally okay with that. No forms. No seatbelts. Woo.

The dune buggy driver, or bugueiro, was one of Cleide's brothers. He made a joke about how there's the Sahara Desert, but this is the Ceará Desert.

This is Tebe, the sister of Giovanni, who is married to and/or dating Cleide's daughter Melisse. Whew. You can see the beach part of Prainha in the background.

I also slid down this huge slide thing made out of sandbags and tarps.

It shoots you out horizontally at the end, and you feel like a stone being skipped.

Kind of uncomfortable, but fun nonetheless.

I showed Glaisa and Matheus a photo of Brad that’s on my computer and I think Matheus was saying that Brad looks like a particular Brazilian horse racer, or wrangler, or cowboy, or something. Something that involves riding a horse.

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  1. I cannot stop looking at that second picture. It's Sand. Molly in the middle. It's so visually perfect I can't even deal.