Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Another of the disappointingly few fun moments in Recife was a short trip to Olinda, a neighboring city. The city itself is apparently quite large (all I remember is it was bigger than San Rafael) with a large historical section.

After we got off the bus, me and my partners in crime Christine and Lucia were immediately approached by one of a number of tour guides hoping to take people on walking tours of the city. At first we said no, but when he lowered the price and seemed to understand that we only had an hour to spend, we went with it.

It turned out to be a good decision.

There are really a lot of seminary schools in Olinda. I'm not sure why - the guide mentioned four or five different orders.

Apparently they also have a very well-known Carnaval.

It was also the first totally sunny day of the trip, which made it even better. Right when we got back to the pousada, we had to leave on the bus to the airport to go to Salvador, which I have run out of time to share with you today. Oh dear. The backlog begins.

I'm excited and nervous for my ISP, but in a lot of ways I feel really ready to go home. I miss you all!

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