Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And we're back.

Made it back from MST, sem problema. There is never time for anything on this trip. I'm sorry for the lack of substance in this post.

Enormous toads, known as sapos or cururus.

The MST encampment 15 de abril. We spent most of our time in another settlement, 25 de maio, which has had land for a long time and has houses and a school, all made out of what a North American would recognize as normal building materials, but this encampment has only existed for a year and is still trying to obtain the land adjacent to their settlement. 

My host family for the two nights we were there. The little girl does some mean capoeira.

More of my host family. The mom said she has eight kids but they didn't all live in the house. I wasn't actually all that clear on who did live in the house. It was a rough weekend, comprehension-wise.

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