Monday, April 18, 2011

I cannot apparently get it together enough to write a real blog post, but I did hang out with some lacemakers last week.

This weekend, I went to a forro dance class, the beach, and a fashion show. I did it all in Portuguese. Note: Even when you're doing things that seem like they should be really normal, like getting in a car and driving to the beach, people still don't speak English. Whoa. I have no more brainpower, so here are some photos.

I spent last Thursday and Friday in Prainha, an area in the municipality of Aquiraz, about an hour and a half away from Fortaleza to the west by bus. 

The purpose of this little excursion was to get to know the community of lacemakers, or rendeiras, with whom I will be spending three weeks in May and June to do independent research.

They work in a large circular area near the beach, known as the Centro das Rendeiras. It's shaded by trees and receives a delightful breeze in the afternoons.

They produce many types of lace, but what strikes me as the most beautiful is rendas de bilro, or bobbin lace.

It's made in solid colors and with many colors.

These aren't real rendeiras, but they're making real rendas.

I spent the night in Dona Lourdes' house. This is her kitchen. I loved the color of the walls. I also loved the running water, which is not a given in Brazil.

The beach on my cloudy Friday. Gorgeous.

Dona Lourdes' booth in the Centro.

One of the rendeiras made this dress for her daughter's wedding. The entire thing is lace. This strikes me as completely impossible.

I sincerely hope that I will have my head on straight enough to give you all an actual post with real live thoughts in it soon, but I can't promise anything. I miss you, United States!


  1. Waaay Cool! that dress is mind boggling. Wonderful skills, and that beach, pure white. Fantastic!

  2. Damn, bobbin lace. I just cannot get my head around it. I'm looking forward to you hanging with the lacemakers more. I expect geeking about textiles. :D