Thursday, April 7, 2011

One month!

It's my one-month Brazilian anniversary, and it's pretty sweet. I've gotten used to a lot of things, and I have love for my Brazilian family and even for about two minutes yesterday for the beauty of my bus ride home, but I miss home, too. I am particularly looking forward to putting the toilet paper in the toilet, pizza with pizza sauce in it, and the assortment of North American berries that don't really exist here.

From my host family's reception of my peanut butter brownies, I was under the impression that they were familiar with peanut butter already, but when I brought some home from the grocery store yesterday they were flabbergasted - neither my mom nor my sister had ever tasted it before. So we all sat around in the living room, eating peanut butter with spoons, and talking about its various possible uses. I described putting it on bananas and apples, and my host mom asked if it would be good with mango. That sounds kind of disgusting to me, but I guess you could do it.

I wondered today, seeing a bunch of bananas in the fridge this morning, whether they do banana bread down here. Hmm...

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