Monday, April 25, 2011

Jericoacoara, yes please.

For the long Easter weekend, fifteen of us went to Jericoacoara, a small beach town about four hours by bus plus one hour across dunes by precarious pickup truck to the west of Fortaleza. Please prepare for gorgeous beach picture overload.

This is what most of the beach actually looked like the majority of the time. It was a little cloudy almost the whole time we were there, but it didn't rain until the day we headed home.

We walked up onto the enormous dune to watch the sunset, where we found that looking away from the beach we could see a double rainbow! It was not, unfortunately, all the way across the sky, and the second one is faint in this picture, but it was so cool. We were way excited.

The sunset was gorgeous, both from the dune...

...and from the beach.

A pink tinge appeared a little later...

We got in some more dune-jumping the next day, which I have no pictures of and which ended in minor tragedy for one of our number, who sprained her ankle. It was a bummer.

Later in the afternoon, a few of us took a long walk down the beach, casually searching for a lagoon that we'd heard about. We walked down the beach, and then took a turn inland, inadvertently heading through some really thick and unpleasantly textured algae-puddle-water. We then realized that the large grove of palms we'd been heading for seemed to be private property, but were confused because Jericoacoara is a national reserve. It had a fence, which was falling apart, and no signs anywhere about not trespassing, so we decided to go for it. We walked a little ways and encountered a very friendly man with about twenty dogs who lived there. There were a couple of houses, one which he rented out, and a seeping spring. The place was gorgeous. We talked with him for a few minutes and he pointed us in the direction of a lagoon, which turned out not to be the one we were looking for.

 It was pretty, but the edges were a little foamy, and we decided to forgo swimming in it. Instead, we walked to the top of the adjacent dune.

Awesome. We headed back towards the beach, again through the algae water, which seemed to be unavoidable, and took a quick dip in the ocean. After that, we headed back home to our pousada. 

It was another sunset-from-the-dune evening, this time accompanied by the best caipirinha I've had so far.

I'd gotten a really great sunburn the day before, so most of the next day was spent applying aloe, lying in a hammock, and reading Brave New World. In the afternoon, a few of us went for a horseback ride to the Pedra Furada, a famous landmark in Jericoacoara. The horses took us to a cliff above the rock, which we thought looked kind of like Northern California, except for the cacti.

Most of the group had been to the rock the day before, and I ended up not walking down to see it from the beach. It was down there, though.

A quick family-style portrait. And names, for Mom especially, who I know will want to know - from left to right, names are Ben, Caitlin, Emily (who hurt her ankle), and Emma. This photo and the next are borrowed from Micah Ross, another friend on our trip.

I really did ride a horse.

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