Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So I have until Friday to finish my independent study project proposal. We then leave for Recife and Salvador for two weeks. When we come back, it's ISP time for four weeks, and then I go to Argentina. I feel academically and emotionally unprepared for all of this, so here's some video of a nice old lady making lace.

I really wish I'd gotten her later when she had this enormous cigarette dangling out of the edge of her mouth. It was pretty good.

I received a lovely letter from Evelyn this afternoon, which brightened up my day! She sent it March 30 and it arrived in the P.O. box on the 18th, and made it to me today. So probably it's not a good idea to send letters after the beginning of June.

I'm feeling sort of stupidly homesick right now. I'm okay, but I'd appreciate any words of advice!


  1. Hmm. I've been homesick since the age of 12 when we moved to the U.K. Once I returned here, I got homesick for the U.K. So, I think it's the price of travel, and in a way, of love. When you develop multiple senses of home, you are consigned to yearning for the place you're not. I would recommend practicing a moment-by-moment approach to life. Try to appreciate the time you're spending with your host family and those of your fellow students with whom you've made a connection, because I guarantee you, you will miss them dearly six months from now. This stage of your life, also, will seem sweet to you in retrospect, and you won't want me to remind you that you were mopey and homesick!

  2. what was that video, I can't even. Her HANDS. So FAST.